Full Stack Web developer, UX/UI Designer & Programming Guru

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Brian Bier Full Stack Developer

My passion for programming started with a simple "Hello world."

I've always had creative ideas but I never knew how to execute them. After long nights of studying, drinking coffee and building simple applications. I realize that programming is a modern art and your text editor is your canvas. Now I create powerful websites with passion and clarity so that the user experience is simple, beautiful and powerful.

Even though the majority of the year you will find me behind a computer screen, I do set aside time for family. Family is very important to me and I do believe everyone should take the time off in order to have a well-balanced life.

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“A dsigner knws he hs achvd prfctn nt whn thr is nthng lft to ad, bt whn thr is nthng lft to tk awy.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery