Find What You've Been Missing

What if there was a way to find your new favorite place without having to constantly be on the lookout for it. That is where ICYMI comes in. This app will forever change the way you interact with your city whether you're brand new or have lived there for ten years.

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How ICYMI Works

ICYMI works by keeping track of all the news places you want to visit for you. As you travel throughout your day ICYMI makes a list of all the places you pass. At any point throughout the day you can go back and take a look where you've been to find that new spot you've been looking for.

You can set ICYMI to only save the places you are interested in. Only interested in restaurants? ICYMI will only show you restaurants. Want to see the best new art shows in your city? You can set ICYMI to show you all the art galleries you've been passing on your daily commute that you didn't even know were there. ICYMI is customizable to fit your needs, and to make sure you can find what you really want.

ICYMI compiles a list of all the places you've passed for each day by using your phones built in GPS in combination with Google Places. In the interests of privacy we never store the users location data, and only hold on to the places you've passed for two days, unless you have favorited a place.

When you first see how many places you pass in a day you're going to be amazed at what you've been missing. It can actually be a bit overwhelming, which is why ICYMI has implemented an easy to use search feature. You can search based on what time you passed the place you're looking for, or search by category, or both at the same time! This allows you to easily find and save everything you need.

Video demonstration

Let's see ICYMI in action!